Orches… I bet you’re already saying it wrong (think like Orca whales). Well it doesn’t really matter how you pronounce the name just yet just as long as you can spell it and search it because he is one guy we all should be keeping our eye on based off the first taste of his […]

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Remember those good old times when The O.C was the biggest thing to happen in the world? Waiting up on Monday nights to watch Seth and Summer cute back and forth and brooding sexy Ryan in his white wife beaters? Those were the days. You may also remember back then that The O.C had some […]

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When I saw E^ST perform her midday set this year at Groovin’ The Moo Maitland I was in awe. She was an act that I hadn’t heard before but standing there in that paddock watching her I was enthralled. When I heard that she was about to head off on her first headliner set of […]

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THE 1975 | LOVE ME

So first they disappeared from the face of the earth for a few days and then returned with a new colour scheme and cryptic messages about their own evolution. Then came the tour announcements, everywhere all over the world dates were announced and the cryptic messages continued. Then two weeks ago BAM!!! there was a […]

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