CHVRCHES have returned. The synth lords have risen from their 5 month recording process with synth delights for the ear that transcend the genre definitions. With Every Open Eye CHVRCHES said they wanted to create something that was 20% bigger in feel then that of debut The Bones Of What You Believe, and though I had some doubts that could be accomplished the Scotts have done gone and done it.

The album starts with a bang. A big bang. That 20% is kicking off from the very first cascading synth and vocal sample. If you thought Lies was a big sounding track then Never Ending Circles is a behemoth. On the vocal samples which were heavily mixed into tracks on the debut the group have seemed to reel it back and refined the process so it sounds a lot more organic with the heavy kicks and soaring synths.

The album has opened CHVRCHES up to a new emotional level with the lyrics. Where the debut seemed a bit timid and shy when approaching some subject matter tracks like Leave A Trace, personal favorites Bury It  and Down Side Of Me hit into a raw emotional tap of lyrical content.

The album feels like a bit of a dance cry album. It’s got those moments in it where you’ve got a tear in your eyes but you just keep dancing by yourself in the room, kind of reminiscent of Robyn’s  Body Talk album. Empty Threat will have your feet moving, Clearest Blue will have you screaming and throwing things around the room when that last heavy instrumental kicks in whilst Keep You On My Side will have you strutting down the hallways with your fist defiant in the air middle fingers raised.

Mayberry seems a lot more confident within herself with this record. She is coming into this sophomore with perhaps a bit less reserve and restraint placed on herself. You can hear it in the vocals how she’s really letting it out off the chain giving it 120% in her delivery. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise though, she stands defiant, strong and poised. Fans of the dancing man Doherty don’t you fear either, Dok makes an appearance on the smooth 80’s jam High Enough To Carry You Over where his vocals seem to have grown also to a much more smooth and refined place.

CHVRCHES will always hold a very special place on my iPod. There’s something quite magical about them. They’re one of those bands that create electronica with a pop edge that has no best by date. You’ll be able to listen to the album in fifty years time and it will still have that fresh invigorating sound. That’s the beauty of CHVRCHES I suppose, it’s simple timeless pop music.


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