As I’ve grown older I’ve began to want to dress more professional. Gone now are the days when I thought it acceptable to just throw on whatever pair of jeans and T-Shirt I found closest to me when I woke up in the mornings. The problem that faces me now though is how do I dress myself. As someone who’s skated through the past twenty-two years of life buying most of his clothes (basic t’s and jeans) from K-Mart where should I be looking? What should I be looking for? How does one dress oneself as to look en-pointe?

Well I suppose that’s why I’ve started this whole writing about #FSHN, a guy’s gotta start somewhere and that may as well be on the internet. So if you’re down for it I’ll be sharing some items/brands that I find that I like, and honestly I would like your opinion on them fashion cultured people of the internet. Help me to dress nice!

I came across Auckland based brand I Love Ugly whilst scourging the internet for a store that I used to pass all the time when I worked at Chadstone Shopping Center in Melbourne. Whilst not being the original store that I set out to find I was more than pleasantly happy to stumble across them. I Love Ugly is a brand that embraces the contemporary culture of music, arts and design. Founded in 2011 by Valentin Ozich the brands naming comes from the fluidity between the terms of “beauty” and “ugly” where the terms are both subjective to the individual that perceives them.

The I Love Ugly collection show a true attention to detail with their choice of beautiful fabrics and little additions to their garments that at first the eye might look over. The stitching on each item is executed in the finest manner where it seems effortless. Combining details from street and high fashion their current stock screams out to the new generation coming into their prime. It’s clothing that can make you feel lux on the streets whilst not being overly expensive. Black on black fabrics and gold hardware speaks of wealth, luxury and decadence. These are clothes you wear when you want to impress.

Shipping times are excellent also. I ordered the Zip Bomber Jacket and Zespy Denim Pant and they arrived within 7 business days to my doorstep. I am currently eyeing off some new specs, watch and shoes on the online store positively frothing over them in fact.

I Love Ugly has a store recently opened in Melbourne and with my currently schedule seeing me in the city that stole my heart in two weeks time I will definitely be making my way to the store to check out what they’ve got new in stock.
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