We’re in the home stretch now with only two weeks left will the release of Scottish Electro artist CHVRCHES sophomore album Every Open Eye on the 25th. With its imminent release looming the band have been getting us all tingly and pumped up with a steady release of killer promotional tracks the latest of which Clearest Blue may be one of their best tracks to date.

The track which saw its live debut earlier in the year when CHVRCHES returned to the festival circuit is somewhat more simplified then previous tracks. You understand what the band were saying about less layers, more emosh factor and better production with the track.

Built up on the steady and stuttered kicks with an almost serene, sincere synth lead Mayberry’s vocals start as hushed and calm before building in power throughout the track coming to her screaming “Will you meet me more than halfway up?“. The lyrics Mayberry says, “encapsulate the feeling of trying to be hopeful but conflicted at the same time – of wanting to let yourself go but being afraid of the drop” .

With the album coming in fast I for one and absolutely shaking with anticipation. Even though no tour dates have been announced yet for them you’d have to be stupid to think they haven’t got something brewing for us. All I know now is that I need this album in my life, I need it now!!!

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