If ever there was going to be an Australian counterpart for the lords of Gamer-Electro Porter Robinson and Madeon then it would have to be Sable. After teasing the release of his sophomore EP URL LOVE through an online comic series which included dark alter egos, a Big Hero 6-ish Saybot and a cuddle animal sidekick Sable unleashed a whole new worlds upon us with this new EP.

Right from the outset of fluttering beats and laid back Game Boy menu screen synths Sable launches us into this new world of his creation. Moving into trip-pop beats boasting heavy kicks and more gamer synth leads Message Seen starts the epic adventure.

The pace gets picked up and kinda preppy with Hey U. It’s kind of like some kind of Harajuku cheerleader feel before taking off with fast kicks and the repeated “Hey U” vocal sample. It’s kind of like get your pom poms out and take have a little dance.

Fans of the background music you’ll hear whilst playing Super Mario Kart will be falling over themselves for Like You (Girl) which also features the laid back easy vocals of Floria. Daydreaming whilst cursing around the kart track throwing turtle shells at your competition is definitely a hell yes with the track.

By the time you get into One And Only you’ll have probably definitely got that this EP is heavily influenced by anime and video games, which is makes it no surprise that this track has some serious vibes with another enthusiast of the genre Porter Robinson. If these two don’t work together / tour together in the future is is an crime against humanity because they are so well suited together as tour partners. One And Only boast some cute and very colourful, dancy synths with a digitalised voice that may or may not be a Vocaloid in use.

By the time we get to the last track you really don’t want this little day trip into this Technicolor world to end. Jenova (slight Pokemon reference perhaps) is a trip-pop cartoon synth delight with flutters, clapping and all the big guns pulled out. As you listen to this track I would encourage you to watch that video of the goths hard style dancing under the bridge or wherever it was, because this track would work so well with that clip.

I really hope that URL LOVE EP is going to just be the start of The New Adventures Of Sable, honestly he’s created such  rich vibrant world with the EP that I don’t want to leave. A daydream escape to another world of dancey electro and trip-pop grooves Sable’s sophomore EP is brining him to to the forefront as a leader in Australian Gamer-Pop.

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