In this world there is a very small list of things that I want. An all black wardrobe, a nice pair of shoes, white underwear and a Macabre Gadgets ring. I’m not really picky which ring though because as you’ll see each one is a stunning twisted dark fantasy which cannot be passed over.

Coming from the Ukraine Macabre Gadgets creates beautiful, dark, twisted fairytale like rings which you would want to see on the hand of an evil queen or which. Crafted as sturdy whimsical items the use of stone, plated gold and even coral means that Macabre Gadgets creations really are on a whole other playing level.

Some of my favourite designs (which I will be the very second I land myself a sugar daddy) are the Mars, Roe and Black Raven Skull rings (see below in order). Each one has its own savage and dark beauty to them and one day I want to own them all.




Website: http://macabregadgets.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MacabreGadgets

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RoCelikov

Instagram: http://instagram.com/macabregadgets

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