Melbourne collective RKDA crept onto the aussie music scene earlier in the year with the release of their debut track Meta. Meta was a track which to me seemed to come from a chaotic and confusing place of sharp edges and industrialised synths. Since that release the group have been working like demons to create their new release Spaces.

Where Meta seemed to come from chaos Spaces comes to us with a much more thought out and clear with its intentions. If you fell in love with Meta though don’t let the idea of a new clearer sound scare you off. Spaces seems to show an evolution within the collective, not completely departing from their dark chaotic and random realm but more shining a light on other sides and spaces there.

You can tell listen to the track hear that there’s been an entirely different thought process that has gone into creating it. The evolution sees them develop further their industrial dark pop, flexing different creative muscles and exploring different realms of possibilities with their sound. There are even eerie atmospheric moments in there that give me a little throwback to some London Grammar type feels.

Give the track a listen below, it’s different and I like it.

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