Remember the days of Gold Coast indie-pop outfit Operator Please with their catchy debut Yes, Yes Vindictive? I mean how would you not remember It’s Just A Song About Ping Pong? Well if you remember that then you will also remember the lanky floppy haired drummer from the band too. Well Operator Please has long since broken up and the drummer has gotten a hair cut and he’s now making cosmic synth pop under the name Commandeur.

Written and produced in his bedroom Wasted pairs cosmic synths with a back and forth between male and female vocals (the female whom I’m pretty sure is Joy.) expressing their concerns and confusion over a relationships intent. It’s a rather whimsical track I feel, full of some steady beats and a harmonic vibing synths that takes you to a romantic daydream kind of feel.

Commandeur’s first affair as a solo project is one that has paid off well. The track sounds lush and expansive, his production on the track is perfectly crafted and refined not at all what you’ve expect from a bedroom production. The track is available as a free download until it’s official release on the 8th and I’m going to demand that you all have a listen to it. Wasted by Commandeur is something everyone needs to put on their “must listen too” list asap.


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