If Lana Del Rey, St Vincent and Thursday Adams somehow managed to create a love child together I have to believe that Zella Day would be the end product. Here in Australia we haven’t really been given that much of an introduction to the sultry pop-rock star on the rise. Her debut album Kicker seemed to glide in under the radar but it’s time we woke up to ourselves and gave this girl some love, especially the track that will be her next single High.

High is a track that is soaked in rich keys, pounding heavy drums and a sick guitar that calls out through the sultry vocals of Miss Zella Day. The chorus which has this larger than life anthemic feel to it is just so good you want to fall to your knees in praise. It’s got that charm that came with Lana Del Rey’s debut album and that rock edge that we all love from St. Vincent. Zella’s vocals call out through the chorus and the echo’s get trapped in your head so that hours later when you’re standing in you local super market you might start screaming out “Don’t worry baby, don’t you cry, as long as we keep getting high, keep burning like we’re never gonna die”…. true story.


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