Has everybody got their sweats on and hair tied up? You’re going to need it if you’re going to keep up with the slick choreography and pulsating synths that go hand in hand with Swedish X Australian group Kate Boy‘s new video for Midnight Sun.

The video which is part high fashion film part 80’s inspired at home dance clip is the latest to come out before the impending release of the groups much awaited debut album in November. Kate Boy visuals are best known for striking contract and the utilising of negative space and that tradition is continued in this self-directed video. Overlapping scenes shot in black and white of Kate dancing to the track in her apartment with scenes of industrial structures and Kate in a vibrant technicolor dancing the track delivers a beautiful contrast and feels more like a ShowStudio fashion film than an music video.

Poised to release their debut album in November and whispers all over the place of the groups first visit to Australia Kate Boy are solidifying their space as a powerhouse in 2015. I for one cannot wait to hear/see what they come up with next.


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