As I’m writing this outside there is rumbling thunder, rain and streaks of lightning that light up the flat rural surroundings where I find myself. In many ways this grey melancholy weather is actually the perfect companion to 17 year old Brisbane musical prodigy JOY. debut EP Ode.

Perhaps a strange thing to say but when I listen to the EP with my eyes closed I see swirls of purple and grey clouds that blissfully float around each other before colliding, mixing with each other in strange shades beautiful and mysterious. I suppose that’s the kind of vibes that I get from the EP it’s equal parts beautiful, intriguing and mysterious.

Tracks gracefully dance around each other on the EP opener Falling gives a slightly dark and ominous feel to the start of the four track EP. Thumping kicks and soulful crooning then comes into play with About Us.

 Joy.’s voice softly cooes through the chorus of Crazy For You as electronic production swirls and buzzes around. Crazy for you if definitely one of my favourites from the EP. It’s beautiful, chilled out and a total vibe.

Not one to back away from the feels (oh which there are many in the EP) Joy. brings us a piano and strings ballad in the form of Heads Or Tails. Heartbreakingly beautiful the track is raw and showcases the vulnerable side of Joy.’s nature as she asked “Do you love me?” over and over.

The debut EP from Joy. is really quite a remarkable collection of tracks from the young Brisbane artist. I mean when you think about how she’s only seventeen yet able to create such raw and emotion filled tracks it’s absolutely unbelievable. I mean when I was seventeen I was barely able to complete a coherent sentence on in my Extension English essays yet Joy. can create a track and lyric that will bring all the feels to the front and may even cause emotional breakdowns. Bring on the next release Joy. I can’t wait.


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