When Lorde’s smash hit Royals took the world by storm with it’s utter world domination it opened the gates for a new fresh wave of alt-pop young females with mature points of view. The latest offering comes in the form of the young fifteen year old chanteuse Loren who’s debut track Echo is an example of shimmering minimalist pop with biting lyrics.

Although critics of Loren have been fast to push the Lorde similarities with the two artist when you listen to her track she really bears more in common with another Joel Little production output Broods. Warm buzzing synths, minimalist rnb inspired beats and a slightly husky but sweet vocal grace us throughout the track. Loren clinically lists off fears and phobias through the verses whilst longingly cooing about lost love in the chorus.

For a debut single this one is a pretty solid track. There are moments that seem to lie a little flat within the song but those moments are fleeting and forgotten by the time the chorus crashes in. I suppose it’s all rather subjective what you think about it, so give it a listen below.

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