Some call her Olivia, some call her Orange Juice, some even call her Princess Peach but to the masses she is JOY. (though I’m sure if you want to start formally calling her Princess Peach she won’t mind at all). 2015 has been a big year supporting a multitude of artist including Tkay Maidza, Flamingo, The Kite String Tangle and Miami Horror all whilst bringing together the pieces that would form her new EP.

The first taste of her new music comes in the goose bump inducing track About Us. The track came about after JOY. locked herself in the studio in May (most likely with a jar of Nutella and BBQ Shapes) and worked on what would become the Ode EP.

The track is a balance of sinfully sweet vocals which echo through the track and a lush soundscape of etherial and celestial sounds. JOY.’s vocals have always been something so beautiful that it’s often hard to wrap my head around the fact that the longing and bittersweet melancholy of the lyrics come from someone so young. The kick drum which steadily commands the undercurrent of the track fades in and out of the track s JOY.’s vocals rise and fall with the track.

With still a few months left to the year I think that JOY. definitely has it in her to pull a fast one and find herself in the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown this year with this new material. There’s a real power and emotion to her voice and a fresh vibe to her music which makes her one of the must follow acts out there at the moment. Check out About Us below.


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