Hailing from the Sunshine Coast you have to imagine that anything released from the indie-pop group Selahphonic is going to be filled with warmth and frivolity. And you’d be right. Their debut EP is an adventure in its own. Mixing pop sensibilities and bursting synths the boys have created a collection of work they should be proud to call their own.

Channeling a bright effervescent pop sound from the first bubbly synth lead of Hollywood Kids Selahphonic set the tone for their EP. Bringing together element of indie-rock with pop music the EP shares some similarities with San Cisco but is perhaps targeted more as a commercial radio feel.

Heartbreak Heartbreak is definitely one of the strongest tracks on the EP. It’s got that right kind of pop danceability to it which would brighten up any dance floor. The chorus that comes crashing in filled with blaring synths and an euphoric feeling, this is Selahphonic in their prime.

The EP takes a change now with the track BonesWith the dancing synths stripped back the track shows some versatility to the groups sound. The guitars that replace the synths at the forefront of the track serve as a refreshing change-up for their sound. The track change is also noted in the lyrics which turn from being full of fun and frivolity to a bittersweet affair of reflection and longing, “drench these bones in water like falling rain hit me like a hurricane rise again rise again call my name and let me breathe it in“.

You know that band Faker that used to be around back in the early 2000’s? Well the next track Stopping is sure to give you some throwbacks to that kind of sound. The track brings back the upbeat feeling and gives you some hard-hitting guitar and synths that work around each other so well on the track.

Lions At The Gate serves as something of an anthemic midpoint on the EP. Lyrically the track is quite an empowering story from the boys. The metaphor of Lions throwing back to the bands feelings about forging their own path in music. Caging a powerful animal like a Lion behind metal bars thinking they can be tamed and held back when full knowing that if they were let out they would kill you, the tracks about standing up, going for what you want and fulling recognising your own potential.

When the EP comes to its last track you really don’t want it to be over. Lanterns is a full-bodied powerful track that rises through the verses and brings in a chorus that could fill up arenas. There’s a playfulness to the track, an adventurous spirit awakening inside and it serves as a great closer for the EP.

Bright, powerful and full of a sense of adventure The Selahphonic’s self titled EP delivers a powerful punch of up-beat indie-pop. Just being the start of their careers an already carving for themselves an impressive path these guys have a bright future ahead of them and we can’t wait to see their names start to appear on some of Australia’s festival line-ups. If you can’t wait till then though the Selahphonic’s will be hitting the road this Setpember in support of the self titled EP with dates up and down the east coast.


29th August | Shebeen, Melbourne VIC

4th September | World Bar, Sydney NSW

11th September | Bon Amici’s, Toowoomba, QLD

26th September | Sogo Bar, Noosa QLD

TBA Brisbane


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