The producer with the most swag of any out there Paces has made quite a name for himself. Chances are if you haven’t heard one of his tracks then you’re living under a rock because this dude is everywhere. His latest banger Hold It Down is just what the doctor ordered for those Friday night pre-party vibes. When he’s not in the studio creating beats to make you move to you’ll probably find Paces the beach with his Mini-Bull Chilli. Taking some time before he heads off on tour we had some question for Paces.

You got some massive attention when you produced tracks with Tkay Maidza, did you ever think well I can just do this forever producing for others or were you looking to make a name for yourself?

I’ve always wanted to be my own artist first, but lately I’ve produced a few tracks for people (like this one) and have really enjoyed it. I could definitely imagine focusing on that later down the track. But for now I mostly want to make people dance to my tunes 🙂

Had it been hard to get out of that “oh your the guy that produced Tkay’s track” and get some recognition for your own work?

Not at all. I already had a bunch of tunes out before that one. It was more a case of people being stoked that the song went so well.

Promise I won’t mention Tkay again after this but what was it like seeing the packed tent at SITG sinning along to your stuff?

Oh man it was crazy! Hearing everyone cheer when they realised what track it was. It was such a crazy feeling; knowing that something you made has now become part of so many people’s lives.

Will the Hold It Down tour be a live show not just like a DJ set?

Yep for sure. I only ever play live. I have stripped down versions of all my tunes and I play the drums, kalimbas, chopped up vocals etc using my MPD. That plus a few effects, a bunch of talking shit to the crowd, and jumping around. That’s pretty much how it goes haha!

What equipment is in your live show arsenal?

It’s just my AKAI MPD26, Ableton Live, a mic and myself. Plus sometimes some Li-Los to throw into the crowd.

If you had a massive budget what would be your
a. must have live show prop/staging

My ultimate stage goal would be to do something like what Major Lazer does. In my opinion they are the height of electronic music stage-shows.
b. gotta have studio addition

Right now I’d really love a couch in here. It’s a crucial piece of gear and I’ve somehow skipped it.
c. venue rider item

A big plate of nachos would be incredible please 🙂

Are you an Ableton or Logic kind of guy?

Logic for producing. Ableton for live shows and mixtapes. I don’t think either is better than the other. I can use both, I just happened to learn Logic first so that’s the one I stick to for writing tunes.

Do you prefer producing your stuff at home, in a profesh studio or out and about?

I prefer at home if possible. I’ll often work on music while I’m out on tour but my favourite thing is spending days at home in my own studio.

Do you have anywhere you go or do when you’re going through producers-block?

For sure. Either taking my dog for a play at the beach or going for a surf usually does the trick. It’s so helpful to get out of the house rather than try to force the creative process.

Correct me if I’m wrong but did you design your own merch? Is there gonna be a Paces fashion line previewing at Fashion Week this year?

Hahaha yep I do design it. People seem to love the stupid stuff like my Tom Hanks shirt or the Doritos-Sleeve one. When I got verified on Twitter, someone asked me if I’ll be making a shirt with a big blue ‘verified’ tick on it. Actually a great idea IMO.

What’s the most exciting thing about being verified on Twitter?

Hahahaha! Probably just being able to look back at my tweets from a couple weeks ago (before i was verified) and think “I was such a fukboi back then.”

Where did the aristocrat/royalty dress up idea come for those videos?

Oh man that was a zany one. My manager started that concept actually, I think it all stemmed from the phrase “Checketh out my Soundcloud” and then it snowballed from there. Nek minute I was renting a wig haha!

What do you find is the best thing about having a french bull dog?

She’s such a little legend. Actually she’s a cross between a Frenchy and a Boston Terrier. They call them Mini-Bulls. She loves the beach, I take her for a swim and a game of fetch every morning and then she just sleeps on the studio floor all day. She’s my best bud.

Can you make Chilli do any tricks?

She knows: shake, high five, down, sit, and kiss. Plus the names of all her toys, so if you say “where’s your green toy?” she’ll run and search it out.

Are you going to take Chilli on tour with you?

I would fricken love that. Everywhere I go, people ask me if Chilli is there. But as much as she’d like the attention I think the loud clubs would be a bit much for her.

Paces kicks off his tour August 7th and if you’re into a good groove and a foot stomp then you should get on down to one of his shows. Dates + Video for Hold It Down below.


Tickets HERE

Friday 7th August | Flyrite, Perth
Saturday 8th August | Beats in the Heat Festival, Karatha
Friday 14th August | Shebeen, Melbourne
Saturday 15th August | Snowtunes Festival, Jindabyne
Friday 21st August | The Brightside, Brisbane
Saturday 22nd August | The Helm, Sunshine Coast
Friday 18th August | Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Saturday 29th August | The Grand, Wollongong
Friday 4th September | Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Saturday 5th September | Rattlesnake Motel, Gold Coast


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