There was one Splendour In The Grass side show that I would spontaneously combust and die if I missed it. For the past year I had been raving about the Worlds album heralding it as a game changer in the electronic music scene and finally on Wednesday night lined up outside the Enmore Theatre in Sydney I was going to see Porter Robinson live.

A typical Porter Robinson show brings in a real diverse crowd. You get the diehard fans that have been there from the early days, dressed in anime and video game inspired gear with Porter’s now signature Worlds logo all over them. You get the hipster electro fans, who feel a connection to the retro references to video games and fascinations with Japanese culture. You also get those bro’s who haven’t quite read the memo that this isn’t an old school Porter rave style set, dressed in their low cut tank tops showing off their pecs these guys are in for a surprise.

From the outset you can tell that this is going to be something you experience on an multitude of levels. Porter now firmly in control of his craft steps on stage behind a full array of synths, MIDI controllers and drum pads while a black screen and blinking white dot tell you that shit’s about to get real. Porter’s live show is just that it’s 100% live! Every sequence, the synth leads, the blaring attacks of Flicker are 100% controlled onstage and played live by Porter.

The room shakes beneath the bass and all of our eyes are stuck on Porter and the massive screens behind him playing through anime/video game inspired story lines that were specially made for the show. Not once but twice confetti and streamers explode overhead through the burst of sound and smoke streams that fill the venue. Sad Machine had the crowd erupt into a sing along with the vocaloid and Porters live vocals, the room feels like a community.

It’s not just material from Worlds that Porter has adapted for the new show. Classic’s like Spitfire get a re-vamped imagining behind them changed slightly so that Porter is able to play it fully live. He also throws in his remix of Nervo’s The Thrill the first remix that we’ve seen from Porter in ages.

The is coming to an end as the start of personal favourite Lionhearted starts playing. I’m tired I’ve just came out of working 5 days in a row and am facing down 4 long days of Splendour In The Grass but the track demands energy, demands every fibre of my being to wake the fuck up and go all or nothing for this track.

Porter is the dance hall commander behind his set-up making us dance, jump, go harder, feel harder and experience a show harder than anyone has before. This is just the beginning for Porter in this new world of discovery for him. His made his own Worlds at his show we explored them all.



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