Apathetic abou the world around you? Raised on the grit of the streets? Does a fire run through your veins? Then perhaps you’re part of Halsey’s “New Americana”.

New Americana is a treat for those little rebel hearts that’s have grown up in the new generation of the world. Those of us that have grown up in the Internet age, seeing the world fall into decline from the streets looking up at those shiny billboards of reality TV stars and socialites.

A grunge meets electro-pop infusion this latest sampling from Halsey’s debut “Badlands” is sure to appeal to the new world generation. Backed by military drums to set your feet into the right rhythm and sly lyrics the track is a new anthem. Soaring synth chords that propel through the chorus and an final chorus that makes you stand to your feet high on your own sense of grandeur there isn’t a second of the track which doesn’t just do justice to Halsey’s abilities.

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