Geelong’s powerhouse in the making Evangeline is quite an interesting one. When I first met the young female artist I didn’t even realise it was her. Strangely enough we met in the mosh-pit of the Charli XCX show at The Corner Hotel whilst I was down visiting Melbourne. In just a random conversation whilst being slave-dropping (Slave 4 U was playing) on the barrier she mentioned her alter ego and it all hit me that I actually already knew of her. What are the odd’s ay?

Evangeline’s first single the sinfully sweet and slightly twisted “Chemicvl” is such a strong starting point for her career that you’re all forgiven for thinking that she’s actually a veteran artist which decades of experience behind her. Her voice sweet and delicate coo’s through the deep buzz of the bass and hard stomping percussion. Her voice is so en-pointe it’s mesmerizing. Delicately Evangeline’s vocals weave an intricate and soul-shaking story line.

There’s little glimmers of what could be taken as a Lorde or Broods nuanced nod. There’s definitely been some Joel Little inspiration with the tracks dark and brooding synths that create the undertone of the track.

Evangeline is going to be big. She’s got that slightly left of centre pop sound which is an absolute killer right now and smart, beautiful lyrics. If you’re a Melbourne based lover of music then you should be heading along to some of her first live shows that’s happening around the area over the next few weeks. Get on the Evangeline fan train now and have the bragging rights later.


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