Powerful, evocative and poignant are all words that I would use to describe the fresh released video for “Spark” by Brisbane indie-pop outfit Fox & Fowl. The track which is their most politically charged and arguably some of their most mature song writing to date from the group gets a visual treatment that doesn’t just match the intensity of the track, it surpasses it and builds something awe-inspiring.

The song which was written about the political outrage leading up to Brazil hosting the FIFA World Cup, when the government was spending millions on the game whilst millions of its own people lived in poverty is a hard lined standing point for the group. Their cleaner and more mature sound which was bought about by working with producer Steve Schram was debuted live recently on a string of Aussie dates and this video is just going to keep propelling them forward.

The group play through the song whilst projections of poverty, war, protests and political activism are overlapped onto them. When matched with the power of the lyrics of the track the overall image created is a bleak comment on societies treatments of humans. Watch it below, but full warning it’s powerful and moving and may cause you to rethink your life.

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