The living, beating, heart that’s at the centre of Our Man In Berlin’s music is always something that has set them apart from the rest. When you listen to their music you can really feel that there’s something special about their music and there’s a real passion that is translated into it.

Friday night fresh off a four hour train down from the middle of no-where where I live there was no doubt in my mind that Our Man In Berlin’s set at Spectrum on Oxford Street as part of their Spirit Down EP launch was going to be worth the travel.

Packed into the intimate venue that is Spectrum on Oxford Street I was waiting in the crowd brimming with excitement (which was only heightened by the vodka and cranberry juice I was downing like there’s no tomorrow). In a spectral haze the boys walked onto the stage whilst the walls shook anticipating what was to come.

It became increasingly more apparent through the set that Our Man In Berlin’s music is not something you listen to through headphones, it’s something best experienced live, to feel the bass running through your body, letting your body and mind get lost in the warm guitar riffs of the tracks.

Lead vocalist Haydn Mansell certainly has some charisma about him. I saw at least five girls in the crowd openly swooning over him whilst his hushed and soul filled vocals echoes around them. Performing tracks from the new EP as well as some old favourites the boy performed a tight, slick set which seemed to have grown and seen the boys finessse their live set since last time.

Singles “Moliere” and “Bones” definitely saw some great reactions from the crowd. The live grinding bass of “Bones” is something that you cannot ignore and adopt a little grind of your own into your dance moves, whilst “Moliere” with its upbeat and dance inducing chorus was my highlight from the set. “Separate” was another track which really impressed me live. Shout outs to Trevor dude you got some serious skills.

When it was all over I really didn’t want it to be. I wanted more. I wanted a constant live soundtrack for my life from these guys that never ended. I definitely left Spectrum headed back to Central Station knowing that my eight-hour round trip to Sydney had indeed been well worth it. I can only hope that there’s more live shows in the works for these guys, maybe something little closer to Newcastle? But no matter where they’re playing or where you have to travel from to see them, know that it is worth it!

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