It feels like an eternity since I last got to hear any new material from Sydney based outfit Little May. The girls have been slugging it out touring all over the world but luckily it hasn’t stopped them from writing new material hooray!

Working with Aaron Brooking Desssner (The National) the girls have just released a new track and video and my heart could not be happier. Recorded in upstate New York the track Home comes with that trademark dark, whimsical intensity which I love so much. Dripping with haunting vocals which whisper through the air “Home” is tinged with nostalgia. Sweeping arrangements of smooth guitars and folky uplifting melodies breeze through the tracks core.

The music video a combination of CCTV footage and strikingly beautiful shots taken from inside a converted nineteenth-century church. The bleak monotone of the film adds to the intensity of the track. The camera cuts between the groups performances inside the church and shots of the outside world which look stark and monolithic. Theres a sense of voyeurism created from the shots of watching the girls from the buildings CCTV cameras and the way the outside shots seems to spy on individuals in the bleakness of the city.

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