Oliver Leimbach of Sydney indie-rock group Lime Cordiale has one wicked sense of humour. I’ve seen interviews with him in the past and if his career in music ever fails (which judging by their new single it won’t) he could have a wicked career as a journalist shock jock. He’s the no holds bar type of guy which is exactly what makes him awesome.

The band have been carving it up with a steady flow of singles and touring Australia, the States and New Caledonia to name a few. The boys are about to head off on their 2015 Australian tour but before that I had a little Q&A with Oli (whom along with his brother have limes tattooed on their bodies) about touring, their new music and some shots fired in the direction of The Walking Dead.

Ok so maybe I’m just a noobie who’s out of the loop but the name how’d it come to be? It’s a very unexpected name for a group.
Louis and I were in France when we decided we wanted to start writing music together. Our Aunt has a small classical music festival over the called Musique Cordiale. With our last name being Leimbach, we’d been calling ourselves Oli and Louis Lime. So the progression to Lime Cordiale seemed like a nice old pun.

Is the unexpected something we should learn to expect from you guys?
Well, I reckon you can expect to see Louis’ butt in every other photo by now. People crowding the stage until the sound cuts out is getting pretty regular. Nights out at our shows don’t seem to be getting any shorter since we started throwing pre and post parties. I’m running out of ideas. If you have any unexpected ideas for our band, please email us at

 You seem to pull sounds from about every genre that you could think of except maybe rave… ever thought about adding a rave element to your music?
Mate, I’m actually on the bus next to a huge old guy blasting rave from his headphones. Hold on, I’ll try scat something….. wait… nup… just got weird looks from the granny in front of me.

“Feel Alright” has been a pretty big track for you guys. Heard it on Triple J a few times. Must be cool to hear yourself on the radio?
I haven’t heard anything of ours in a while. But when you do, you feel pretty cooool. It’s the best when you’ve got a lady in the car and your song comes on. Pretty hard to stay relaxed. “Oh what’s up?… just my song… playing on the radio. No biggie.”

The new tour you’re going to be playing The Metro Lair, have you been to the Lair before as a punter. It’s a pretty cool venue to be in.
Yeah we’ve actually played there a few times before. It’s where our manager, Michael Chugg, first saw us play. But we’ve never played a sold out show there and now it looks like we’ll be playing two of them. We rarely ever get to play All Ages shows. They’re different to over 18ers. Most people are sober but high on sugar or crowd-surfing or trying to suppress the boner in their pants when a girl leans up against them in the mosh pit. I love playing to young crowds. We get silly.

It’s gonna be a tight packed area, maybe even enough so that you could crowd surf, could be a fun thing to do for your home town gig?
At our last show at Newtown Social Club, a bunch of people jumped on stage and I gave my guitar to some guy in the audience. I thought it’d be fun to let him play it during the last chorus (I knew it wouldn’t sound good). But then he grabbed it and ran out of the venue. I had no idea. One of my mates saw him run and confronted him out on the street. So if I’m gonna crowdsurf at this show, I’m doing it naked. Then the only thing someone could steal from me would be my virginity.

Are we going to be hearing some more new stuff from you guys on this tour?
Of course. We’re constantly trying out new material at shows. It’s the best way to test if your new songs are working or not. Sometimes you feel like you’ve got a solid groove happening in a new song only to find out that no one wants to dance to it.

You guys tour like bat shit crazy amounts, you’ve done the states and you’ve done Australia you even did New Caledonia.  How do the aussie crowds compare? I heard the crowds in the states are just full of energy and go off.
Nup, don’t agree. The US are awesome. People are incredibly enthusiastic and go nuts with applause once you’ve finished a song and buy a heap of merch, but they don’t go crazy like they do here. I think they’re a little bit scared of getting shot. I don’t blame them. You can get shot for dropping the C word over there. Aussie’s don’t really give a fuck. Maybe I’m biased, but it’s always refreshing coming back to an Aussie crowd.

Your shows look like a massive house party you guys really know how to get the crowd amped up. Have you been missing the crowds in your down time?
Well we’ve been paying fewer shows this year and concentrating more on recording. We’re always keeping busy with recording, writing, painting or getting ready for the next tour/release. But yeah, you do miss the crowds. No one knows you’re in the studio. To tell you the truth, if you’re in a band, you’re an attention seeker. You put on your own show and know that everyone is there to watch you play music and then party with you. It’s thrilling. Maybe that’s why we’ve never thrown a birthday party. We don’t need to. I don’t want to get used to this thrill, though. I reckon many huge artists play so many big shows that they don’t get high from it anymore… so they get into heavy drugs. So make sure you look after us!

With all that touring and being cramped in with each other for such a long time are there times you just wanna get away?
One of the biggest challenges is keeping people positive. If one person gets in a bad mood, you all go under. It’s not easy to keep everyone happy all the time. No one ever wants to do the same thing. And sometimes you do have to just get away, if you can. If we have some time off, some of us will go this way, some go that way and then we’ll meet at the show as a happy chappy team.

Just looking over the artwork for your EP’s and singles who does your artwork?
Louis does all the artwork for us. The CDs, merch and posters. He’s the co-singer, bassist and artist. It’s nice to see how the artwork progresses alongside the music.

Purely because I’ve just finished watching S5 of The Walking Dead, but if the band was in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse where would you go?
I’d probably find the casting director of that show, ask them to find me the worst actors in the world, and then I guess they’d help me out. Just like they do in The Walking Dead!

 Feel Alright Tour

Saturday 11th July | Metro Lair | Sydney NSW

Thursday 16th July | Shebeen |Melbourne VIC

Saturday 1st August | Metro Lair | Sydney NSW




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