BEN KHAN | 1000 EP

I’ve been waiting to listen to this EP till my Limited Edition Purple vinyl copy had arrived from the UK. Well it only took four weeks to pass through customs and travel over here but finally the pretty purple (and when I saw purple I mean it’s like bright purple) vinyl has arrived, finally I can have my first listen to Ben Khan’s sophomore EP 1000.

I’m using my Grandmothers Record player which she has told me countless of time the story off. Passed down from her Mother to her on her 21st birthday the player is well into its years now but she has kept it in great condition before handing it to me on my 21st. So I’m here. I’ve ordered everyone leave the house so I can listen to this in peace in quiet. Glass of whisky in one hand and I am ready bring on the tunes.

The quick electro drums and stutter start as the title track “1000” begins. It’s always a weird thing listening to synths through a record player. They take on a grainy, rustier and perhaps warmer feeling than if it was just a digital file. Where Ben Khan’s first Ep 1992 was perhaps more cautious and driven by guitar this EP is confident and powers through drenched in heavy synth and thick baselines.

The heavy bass of “Red” shakes the record player whilst it tries to keep up with modern-day production, poor thing wasn’t really built for this kind of deep bass. The trip-pop drums flutter through the smooth vocals from Mr. Khan as he sings “till I get my baby // I’ve been bad // I’ve been sad“.

My whisky is gone and I have to get up to get a new one while I change the side on the Vinyl. The synth organs of “Zenith” pour into the room. The effected guitar that grinds through the track are magic to my ears, melting with the synths that buzz around the track the two dance seductively with each other.

The last track is the shortest and it’s oddly my favourite. It’s glitchy production and stuttering key with heavy kick drum is something that I’m really into. “2022 Zodiac” is the tracks name and if there’s one track you listen to this week make it this one. It’s got that vibe that harks back to Ben Khan’s first EP with glitchy production, warm buzzing and fading synth spikes. As the track fades playing through sampling from what sounds like scenes of a movie I’m oddly sad that it’s over, I wanted it to go for longer. But I suppose it has to end, luckily however I can always just put the needle back and listen to the EP over and over, which I just might do.


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