I swear I have seen these guys somewhere before. Not to start this off on a weird point but the name, the bowl cut haircuts, the distinctive California highway rock sound I have seen brassy group The Creases before… I just cannot for the life of me remember where. I digress though because what I want to have a little chat about is their freshest track hot off the press Point.

This track has a bit of a different more melodic sound for the group. Giving me that 40’s-50’s kind of California rock vibe of when the art of skateboarding was still young the track has new layers to it which were not found in their Gradient EP. A new shimmering layering of synth work adorns the track adding another level to their guitar driven indie-pop with a more confident sounding vocal then what we’ve heard in the past.

The boys will be joining The Preatures on their Cruel 2015 National Tour and it’s looking like one of the only time we’ll be getting to see the guys on the road in 2015 whilst they’re hard at work on their new material. Dates and ticketing info the tour can be found HERE.


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