The boys from Our Man In Berlin have been hard at work since the warm reception they received on their 2014 debut EP. Their sophomore release “Spirit Down EP” is everything I’ve wanted it to be and more.

The EP is mature and eloquent in the bands delivery of soft vocals and memorable riffs. The boys show an expansive selection of sounds and styles throughout the EP. “Muster” see’s the softly cooed vocals and minimalistic production of the boys shine through whilst “Bones” (my favourite from the EP) gives you a complex percussion and heavy guitar riffs.

Haydn’s vocals on both tracks stand out even when they’re shrouded in production elements. He has a unique and mesmerizing delivery which sets the tracks apart in the indietronica sub-genre.

Separate” mixes some frantic and complex beats with a warm guitar riffs and some aggressive baselines. Previous releases “Spirit Down” and “Moliére” also find their homes on the five track EP. When I first heard Moliére I was interested to see how the track was going to fit in, hearing it on the EP the track really sits well and is a stand out of the five.

The electronic elements of Our Man In Berlin mix perfectly with the indie sensibilities that power the heart of the EP. Our Man In Berlin’s music works because there’s a beating, sometimes bleeding, heart at the centre of it.

The boys will be heading on tour during the start of July in support of the Spirit Down EP. Check out the dates below and head on down to a show to catch a chilled our session from them.


Spirit Down EP Tour

Wednesday 8th July | The New Globe Theatre, Brisbane QLD

Thursday 9th July | The Beach Hotel, Byron Bay NSW

Friday 10th July | Spectrum, Sydney NSW

Sunday 12th July | Workers Club, Melbourne VIC

Friday 24th July | Amplifier, Perth WA


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