FUN FACT!!!  Sydney duo Polarheart got their first play on Triple J’s Goodnight Program when I was a guest selector for the night and decided to play their track “Livealie“. The duo have been working hard and it’s been really paying off for the pair with people all over the place praising their previous singles. Now comes the fourth a delightful dreamy track titled “Dystopia

The guys seem to be moving from strength to strength with their tracks. Whilst “Livealie” was a gritty track dripping with some NIN production qualities “Dystopia” has a much lighter etherial feel to the track. The layered vocals over day dreaming synths and electronic fluttering beats carries you on a cloud through the song drifting like a candy wrapper caught in an updraft.

It’s great to see a lot of range from the duo. Polarheart are definitely not a duo to be pigeonholed to one certain genre or sound. So lets just wait to see what they come up with next, in the meantime though we can all listen to Dystopia.


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