Honestly I used to think that Flume was overrated. I mean yes he made some good music but I never really got why people would fall over themselves. Like he was just one of those producers that I just never really got the hype over. Upon reflection perhaps I was being a little close minded or something about it all, not sure.

Since those days however I have repented for my sins. Lorde forgive me insolence I’ve seen the light.

Flume’s new release “Some Minds” featuring the sweet vocals of Andrew Wyatt made some big entertainment headlines when it was released last week following his only 2015 Australian appearance at Future Classic’s Vivid Showcase. It had been while since anyone had any new music from the Aussie music prodigy so I get why everyone was losing their minds.

Some Minds” gives the people what they want. Quirky electronic samples with a backbone of hardened trip-pop beat. It’s the accompanying music video which I’m really liking. Flume (who lets face it is damn good looking) levitates through the back corridors of the Sydney Opera House  intercut with strange angled shots of the structures architecture till he reaches the main auditorium. Once his there Harley is pulling out some twitchy and glitches-out dance moves whilst the beats flutter. It’s really cool and it’s an A+ from me to the director for making it such a cool clip.

So the Aussie Master is back and he’s back swinging. It’s only a matter of time now till the new material he’s debuting currently on tour gets an album release so everyone start taking your bets on when there’s going to be an album release. Till then you can listen to Some Minds and watch the video which I’ve so kindly included for you below;


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