So I’m assuming (unless you’re oblivious or living under a rock) that you’ve seen the line up of Australia’s answer to Glastonbury/Coachella the one the only Splendour In The Grass has announced the line up for their 2015 weekend. I further assume (unless you’ve been covering your eyes, blocking your ears) that you’ve heard about all the killer line up they’re bringing down under. Well there’s just so many amazing acts and so many fan boy moments for me that I thought I’d give you the low down on whose my top 15 acts to see at Splendour 2015 (5 from each day)


Porter RobinsonPorter is absolutely hands down my number one must see of the weekend. He broke down the genre of EDM with his debut LP “Worlds” which blew me away to another world. Porter creates electronic music inspired by anime and video games and chooses to create a music in a more song writers context then the generic club bangers that dominate the genre. “The Worlds Tour” is a visual explosion of colour and sound, Porter plays live instruments during his set creating a set that is vibrant, stunning and full of fun.

San Cisco; Aussie Indie lovers will converge on the North Byron Parklands to hear the upbeat and punchy set from Aussies San Cisco. Their second album “Gracetown” was released earlier in the year and as soon as it hit my iTunes it was left on repeat for the next five days. The group always bring some fun sets that also have some chilled out laid back moments.

Mansionair; These guys have been making the rounds lately on the festival circuit notably appearing at Laneway Festival earlier in the year. Signed to Scottish Synth Lords CHVRCHES label Goodbye Records these guys bring a soft rock indie sound to the stage that’s a beauty to behold.

Gengahr; Yes you read right it’s a band that’s named after a Pokemon… instead street cred right there for me. These guys bring an Empire Of The Sun kinda vibe to their tunes which is super okay with me. They’ve been touring Europe with Alt-J (more street cred) and I’m super excited the guys over at Splendour are bringing these guys to the line up.

Urban Cone; Okay so these guys feature on a track of Porter Robinson’s called Lionhearted so I’m kinda really hoping that they’ll pop up during his set to be honest. Other than that its Swedish Synth power… need I say more. Their debut album is coming out super soon so there’s bound to be some super sweet tracks from the release making it into their set (including their new track with Tove Lo).


Florence + The Machine; Someone hold me whilst I shake in anticipation. Her new album will be out by the time she hits our shores but I’m hoping for some golden oldies too making their way into the set. Flo’s voice is just beyond on so many unattainable levels. This may be the only time Flo comes to Australia on this “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” album’s tour schedule and Splendour is the perfect festival for Florence.

Years & Years; How did Splendour even manage to nab these guys? They come straight out of left field with the selection of UK group Years & Years. I honestly didn’t think we’d be seeing these guys till Laneway next year but it’s making my heart explode in rainbows to know they’ll be here in July. They’re the BBC1’s winner of the Sound of 2015 and for good reason. Their track “King” is a danceable 80’s vibe track that will no doubt make the place absolutely go awffffffffffff!!!!!

Elliphant; Sweden is where it’s at people. In the 2015 line up there is a real good selection from that northern region of Europe represented this year. You’ve probably heard Elliphant and track on one of the many spins it’s received on Triple J over the past year. Bringing the nü rave feels to Byron this year Elliphant will be hitting up the stage spinning her sick rap lyrics and spine tingling synth pop feels for the audience on her first visit to Australia.

Eves The Behavior; I am absolutely bubbling with excitement to see Eves The Behavior featuring on the line up this year. When I saw her at the Dew Process Label Party earlier in the year I was absolutely captivated by the power of her vocals and the spine tingling cinematic soundscapes she creates are just beyond comprehension. She’s only got one released single (at the moment) but from hearing her at the Label Party she’s got plenty more amazing tracks just waiting to be released.

SAFIA; There is no possible way on this earth that you have not yet heard about SAFIA!!! Lead vocalist Ben is responsible for the vocals behind Peeking Duk‘s mega hit “Take Me Over” from last year which absolutely destroys at festivals. When I saw these guys opening for Lorde last year in Newcastle they bought such an insane energy to their set that really pumped up the audience. I am really excited to hear their new track “Counting Sheep” live, it’s such a spin tingling amazing track it’s going to blow the roof off Splendour.


MS MR;  The last time this New York group were in Australia was for *drum roll please*…… SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS!!!! So I suppose it’s only fitting that they make their return now in support of their second LP with the concert they bid us farewell too. They’ve recently appeared at SXSW showcasing tracks from their new album where they also showcased the new super frantic and grunge guitar driven track “Painted“.  I am looking forward to seeing what colour Lizzy’s hair is going to be whilst in Australia and even more excited for their set. It’ll definitely be one of the must see’s of the Sunday line up.

Holy Holy; Indie rock at it’s best. I’m half expecting these guys to smash a guitar on stage to be honest, because that’s show business. Their urgent and epic full paced indie rock has made them a big thing in the likes of Aussie Indie music. Their tracks have driving drums, and distinct vocals that really set these guys apart.

MØ: Representing Denmark this year on the line up is super cool kick ass girl . I’ve long been wondering when would return to Australia after missing her both times she’s visited now it seems is my time to finally get to see her live. She released her debut “No Mythologies To Follow” late last year and if I don’t mind so saying myself it’s amazing. However those of you out there who are only new to MØ will know her from her feature on the Major Lazer X DJ Snake track “Lean On” which fingers crossed will feature on her tight super cool high energy set.

Megan Washington; Aussie super babe and one of the nicest girls you’ll ever meet Megan Washington will be appearing on the last day of Splendour with a set that’ll no doubt blow everyone away. Washington is such a sweet kind heart and her music really reflects her. Basically if you’re not in love with her… then there may be something wrong with you…

Elizabeth Rose; Yes Yes Yes!!! Elizabeth Rose will be bringing her astral synths and rnb beats to the Grass this year in what I’m predicting now will be one of her best. She’s been working on her debut LP for over a year now and from the feels of her recent Discotheque tour she’s brining some gold. Her track “Ready” has been a fave of mine for ages now, her vocal sample that runs through the track is hypnotic. Elizabeth Rose X Splendour In The Grass… BRING IT ON.

Honestly it was really a challenge to get it down to just 15, there is simply too many good acts going it’s maddening!!! Those luck enough to be able to afford to go I do not know how you’re going to choose who to see. Good luck and enjoy the Festival.

Village Sounds + Secret Service Present

Splendour In The Grass

24 – 26th July | North Byron Parklands | Tickets

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