Unicorns… whether they be real or not that is an entirely debatable topic which I will fight fiercely to the death to defend. Something that is not debatable (and I really don’t care what you think) is that “Unicorns” by Aussie boy Muscles is an upbeat banger that grabs you by the scruff of your neck and commands your attention. When I got an Q&A with the man, the mystery, the legend himself there were many things I wanted to ask and many things I did ask indeed as you can read below;

Hey there Chris, it’s been what almost three years since your last album and now you’re working on number three how’s that coming along?

It’s coming along fantastic, thanks for asking!

How are you approaching album three? Are you experimenting with new sounds for the album? You changed from being a kind pop sounding album #1 and changed it up for #2. Will there be a change again for #3?

Album three is quickly becoming the ‘collaborations’ album, nearly every song is a duet with another artist. I don’t want to repeat myself and keep propelling myself forward to new sounds.

Do you feel the pressure with it being #3 or are the nerves gone by #3 when it comes to releasing music?

Album two is always the difficult one, I feel comfortable being the producer. I’m at a stage where I know how to create the sounds I want to create and It’s all coming along very naturally.

“Unicorns” is a fun track like it’s upbeat and can kinda jump around to it. Was that what you were going for?

Unicorns was the only choice for single numero uno for round three. It’s got a huge beat, It commands your attention and makes you want to dance which is really important to me.

How did “Unicorns” come to be?

It started with the beat, in its early stages it was a lot more dubsteppy and 2013 sound likey, so I stripped it back and put focus on space between the verses, choruses and synth solo.

Is there going to be come accompanying music video for the track? Is it weird if I could totally see some type of psychedelic cheerleaders type situation going on for the track?

I really want to do a video, watch this space!

Other then Unicorns what other creatures do you believe in?

Otters. Otter is my spirit animal.

If a unicorn loses it’s horn is it still a unicorn or do they just become horses then?

I think you are quoting 360’s twitter bio.

I heard through the grapevine you’re working with some very cool artist and producers on this new album, any chance you could tell us a few or is it an if I tell you i’d have to kill you situation at the moment?

My lips are sealed, single number two will be coming later in the year.

Will Australia be getting to see you live again before the year is over or do we have to wait a get a little wild at one of your live shows?

I’ll be announcing a Unicorns single release tour in like 2 days, check my Facebook and Twitter to find out.


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