The definition of a truly remarkable artist (at least in my mind) is when they can stand there solo on stage and hold your complete undivided attention for an entire set. Melbourne via Adelaide folk-pop artist Mike Waters can do that and make it effortless.

Having spent 10 years working in the corporate world before he began to follow his love of music Mike’s determination and passion was evident at the Oxford Art Factory Bar where he performed on Friday night to an audience enthralled by his performance. Dressed in black and standing on stage with just his guitar, a microphone and a banner behind him, the intimate performance felt like it was coming from someone years in the profession rather than someone just starting out.

Performing acoustic arrangements of the tracks from his debut Life EP  his live vocals are ever sweeter then what you hear on the recordings. His melodies weaved through the OAF Bar in a very enticing and enchanting way. The passion in his voice is evident even to those who don’t know his back story of how he had come to be there.

It’s still very early days for Mike Waters career but with the drive and passion that he exhibited at The OAF Bar there’s no doubt in my mind that he could make it big. In fact dare I say it, he may even be the Australian Ed Sheeran in terms of performance and talent (and not just because they’re both red heads who play the guitar).


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