It’s been nearly a month since Eves The Behavior let loose her icy and beautiful new track “Electrical” and god damn it I have not stopped singing “I’m nothing more than skin and bones, with wires that make me tremble, so electrical” once since that day. I may even be singing it in my head whilst I write this sentence… I definitely am. Today she released her new music video for the track and let me tell you it’s equally if not more of a theatrical masterpiece than the last.

I am an massive fan of her vision when it comes to her videos (If given the chance I would probably talk all day to her about them). The video isn’t so much an music video as it is an 3:37min masterpiece that could be from the likes of Baz Luhrmann, Jonas Åkerlund or Steven Klein. The Sydney based director Josh Logue has worked with Eves The Behavior to create a mesmerising visual to accompany the track.

The video is cinematic in scope and has a sense of grandeur about it. Whilst Eves The Behavior stalks around the shadows of a darkened warehouse flashes of knights in armour, crosses made from neon lighting and other striking imagery flicker through the track. The track seems to give a nod to the Romeo + Juliet of Baz Luhrmann adding to the dark romance of the track.

I seriously cannot wait till Splendour In The Grass to see Eves The Behavior live again. It’s almost been like a religious experience every time I’ve been given the chance to see her perform live.

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