Someone quickly fetch my leg warmers, Rollerblade and various other flash dance appropriate items of clothing because Foxes new track is giving me the need for it. Built on this provocative and just a little sensual synth “Body Talk” has me blading down the main street like it’s the 80’s in on the California coast.

Perhaps it’s just me but this track is equal parts fun-loving roller blading around the rink and Madonna in the Hung Up video grinding all over the dance studio…. maybe it’s just me though. I suppose she did say that her next album was going in a different direction than her debut “Glorious“.

Either way this track is just another piece of pop perfection bought to us by the ever wonderful uk songstress. Maybe I’m biased but Foxes can do no wrong. Body Talk is that nostalgic 80’s pop track which doesn’t feel like an homage it feels like it was guenuine track recorded in the 80’s lost to the ages and only just rediscovered and seen the light of day. Driving synths and a steady back beat with those silky and a little sultry vocals in this case mixing together in the melting pop of pop perfection it’s a track that hits all the right places.


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