The right for Gay Marriage within Australia is a topic that has been splashed across many headlines in the past few weeks. As an openly gay male in this country it does make me eternally happy to see that my right to equality and marriage in our country is finally being properly addressed. There have been a myriad of pop artist that have put up their hands to support Gay Marriage across the world. One of the artist fighting the good fight here in Australia is Sydney’s Elizabeth Rose whose new track “Division” takes on the subject which she holds very personally.

Miss Rose has talked at length previously about the subject before, talking about her friends that are affected by the issue “I’ve got friends that need // need the satisfaction of equality“. The emotion is felt throughout the song that this is indeed something that she is passionate about. The chorus echoes “It’s the Division hurting you and me // It’s time to change, it’s time to remarriage // It starts with you“. Theres a beautiful piano cascade that follows throughout the song which is powered by a danceable rhythm and pulsing synths that gives the track a real kick.

In conjunction with Australian Marriage Equality for the next 14 days “Division” will be available on Miss Rose’s website as a pay what you choose option with the proceeds going to AME to help fight the good fight for Marriage Equality. Head on over HERE and donate what you can to the cause and help to spread the word.


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