Urban Cone stormed the airwaves over here in Australia when they appeared on the Porter Robinson track “Lionhearted“. The Swedish group quickly followed it up with the infectious “Sadness Disease” and the summery vibes of “Come Back To Me feat Tove Lo“. Their album Polaroid Memories is track after track of infectious upbeat pop magic and, with their impeding debut visit to Australia looming for Splendour In The Grass I got to have a little Q&A with the group getting to know how they’re feeling about their visit down under.

Hey there boys, hope y’all are great. Swedish boys, have you been partying it up following Sweden’s victory at Eurovision?

Actually, the Eurovision contest is not really our cup of tea and our favourite act called Hello Hi didn’t even win.

Theoretically, if you were chosen to represent Eurovision next year for Sweden, would you go balls to the wall full out pyrotechnics big production or do you believe more in the simple understated performance?

We’re going to have dragons on stage spitting fire at the audience.

Sweden and the other Nordic countries are absolutely killing it right now in music. I swear every day I’m hearing about some new pop act out of Sweden that blows my mind. Do you have any recommendations (other than your own music of course which I’m already obsessing over) that we should be listening to from your home grounds?

Besides Tove Lo, who is on our song Come Back to Me, you should check out Lucas Nord and our lovely friends from Colleagues.

Your track with Porter Robinson Lionhearted was massive and gave you some great exposure, especially here on Aussie radio stations. How did the collab come to be?

He sent us the track, which we loved, and then asked us if we could fly out to North Carolina to finish it with him. It was an amazing trip! We love being in The States. The studio had a Star Wars cut-out figure that we ended up taking a picture with. Good vibes.

Polaroid Memories has come out and it’s been a massive hit over here in Australia. triple j plays Sadness Disease on a near daily basis. Is it weird for you guys to know that a country on the other side of the world is listening to your stuff and absolutely loving it?

It’s amazing when you travel the world and meet people that listen to our music, it’s a weird feeling but in a beautiful way. But at the same time, we are so excited to go to Australia. It’s one of those places we’ve dreamed about visiting. We’ve heard meat pies are supposed to be really tasty!

You’ll be here for Splendour In The Grass as well as side shows and it’ll be your first visit to Australia. Are you going to take time out and do all the touristy things?

YES, Australia’s been one of our dream destinations to visit so this will be awesome; but we’re kind of scared of all the animals that we can get bitten by. Jacob(Sjöberg), our pianist, is definitely the most likely to get bitten.

What are you most excited about with coming to Australia?

The koala bears (we know its cheesy to say) and our shows of course! We are also in love with the beaches we’ve seen in pictures, hopefully we’ll have some time to explore.

You’ll be playing to whole new audience at a massive festival you’ve been chosen for on the line up. Any nerves about coming so far away from your homes to play to all these strangers?

We are ready! We just can’t wait for the tour! That being said, if you’re not nervous, that means you don’t care, so of course a little bit, but more than anything it just feels like excitement.

Will you be popping around and checking out any of the other acts on the Splendour line up?

We love festivals, and we can’t wait for Splendour, we’ll catch Tame Impala for sure! Maybe we’ll bump into some fans in the crowd.

Any chance that you guys will be joining Porter on stage on the Friday for sing along to Lionhearted?

Come and find out.

You just released the video for your track with Tove Lo, Come Back To Me. It’s very enthusiastic, were you having a good time when you were filming it?

It was so much fun, we had like a tonne of free time to hang out by the pool, swim in the ocean, catch some fish and shoot a music video in between all of that. Especially for Swedes, this was the best, its so cold most of the year for us. Couldn’t have had a better time!

If there was one thing you wanted people to take away from the video, one message, perhaps what would it be?

Don’t forget to use sunscreen.

Put some sunscreen on and enjoy the video:

Australian Dates

Thu 23 July | Metro Theatre | Sydney

With Everything Everything

Fri 24 July | Splendour In The Grass – Byron Bay

Sat 25 July | The Corner | Melbourne

With Everything Everything

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