Was it not just the other day that Brissie via Canberra group Fox & Fowl gave us the first new taste of their work with Steve Schram in the taste of the slightly broodish yet dance floor filling track “Eliza”? Well it was but you’re not going to be seeing me complain now that their second taste has been released, “Spark“.

This new track has a strange little charm to it. It’s not really a big dancing track like previous ones, instead it’s got this strange, quirky little beat to it with twisted guitars and samples that bop along with each other. There’s a little folky charm to “Spark” that gives you a nice little groove along with the beat. A refreshing set of keys joins the arrangement through the track and adds even more charm to it.

Not only had Fox & Fowl’s new track been a departure in terms of sound the group have also been branching out and exploring new areas in terms of the subject of their lyrics. Singer and Keyboardist Lachlan explains that ‘Spark’ is based on the worldwide uproar surrounding Brazil’s preparation prior to hosting the FIFA last year;

“We wanted to highlight the fact that the Brazillian government and FIFA were spending millions of dollars on Cup, while millions of Brazilians were living below the poverty line and struggling with their every day life. The country was “just a spark away” from igniting in uproar and riots.”

Their new stuff just seems to be getting more and more interesting as parts of it unfold and are revealed to us. The refreshing departure and evolution of the group is something that will keep seasoned fans interested whilst attracting even more listeners to their brand of thoughtful and refreshing music. I’m sure we’ll be hearing some more of their new work whilst they’re on tour through June. Check out the dates over HERE and the new track “Spark” below.


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