Our Man In Berlin are amongst some of my favourite bands that are currently reppin’ that sweet, sweet genre known as Indietronica. Premiering their new track “Spirit Down” last week and it gloriously keeps alive the indietronica feel from the groups previous releases.

The echoed sweet sounding vocals that twist their way through the rapid electronica percussion of the track sound day dreamy to your ears. The entire track really takes on a  spiritual day-dream quality. Shimmering samples snake their way through the melodies and buzzing synth pulses. This is what good indietronica is about, music that can cause a stir something deep within you and that’s exactly what “Spirit Down” does.

The group are currently crowd funding their new EP which goes by the same name “Spirit Down“. For donations to help mastering and finishing up the EP you can score, downloads, signed CD’s, concert tickets and even private intimate session from the group. So if you want to do you good deed for the year you should head on over to their page HERE, drop them a few dollars and help out the Aussie music scene.


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