UK duo HURTS for some unknown reason to me have never really been given much attention Australia. Why I have no idea they’re type of alternate pop/rock sounds like something that would be exactly up Australia’s alley. But no. I try to not dwell too much on the fact but I’m going to need some Australian’s to seriously start listening because I cannot and will not go another year without these guys touring here.

There’s latest single “Some Kind Of Heaven” is the first track lifted from what will be the duo’s third studio album. The track seems a little more commercial radio friendly then some of their previous releases but hasn’t lost that perfect HURTS charm. A fantastical drums almost reminiscent of a marching band with tight strings that cut through the production along with Theo’s silky vocals just hit you in all the right places. Check out the track below, especially if you’re from Australia. I need these guys to tour.


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