It’s been a while since we have heard anything from producer Blackmill who became so known for his melodic dub-step infusions on the Hype Machine charts.Well the man, the mystery, the master is back but he’s decided to change-up his feel a bit. The track “Feel That Love” featuring his mate Graham Brown on vocals was a labour of love from the producer and a step into a very different direction.

The track takes a departure from his melodic dub-step and instead takes a turn into the tropical house inspired section of the music world. With an overall sunny and upbeat vibe to the track, the bouncing baseline mixes with the tropical infused top line and the warm vocals of Graham Brown. But you know what Blackmill’s track has that others just lack? A Saxophone. That’s right there is simply not enough Saxophone put in todays Electronica and it’s truly a crime. So thank you Blackmill for fixing this horrible injustice with this smooth and sultry addition to the track.

Check it out below, and get into the warm bouncing tropical house track. Maybe it can help warm you up while the temperature drops.


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