That one side show we’ve all be anxiously waiting for has finally happened. How big, how blue, how wonderful my gurl Florence + The Machine is having herself a headlining tour. Lets be real for a second and acknowledge that Florence’s voice is one of those one in a hundred year voices that come along and leave you utterly stunned with your jaw not just hitting the ground but burying through to the molten core below. Her past albums have been angelic gifts from the gods above and her new album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” which is released on the 29th is no doubt going to deliver the same kind of euphoric glory. If you missed out on a Splendour ticket check out her dates below as well as the video for my fave Flo track Ship To Wreck.

Laneway Presents

Florence + The Machine

Ticketing Info: Due to high demand you’ll need to register for the ballot to receive info on Ticketing info HERE.

Wednesday 22nd July | Palais Theatre, Melbourne

Thursday 23rd July | State Theatre, Sydney


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