It took 10 years working in the corporate world as a web developer for him to realise that it wasn’t his passion. 10 years he kept his passion under wraps writing songs in his bedroom, and not just any old plane songs, great songs! 10 years for him to hone his passion and then finally reveal it to the world taking his friends, family and colleagues as well as the rest of us by surprise. 10 years and now Mike Waters is revealed as the talented singer / song writer nobody knew he was.

The Melbourne via Adelaide LIFE EP is filled with upbeat and infectious folky guitar riffs that could bring on some comparisons to artist like Winterbourne and Vance Joy (who coincidentally is signed to the same management team). The EP comes as an joyous exploration of Mike Waters years of finding and learning to understand himself through his music.

The journey of self discovery and learning is perfectly summed up in his track “Gambling Man“. The early Mumford & Sons feel to the track and Mike’s vocals work superbly together creating a killer track. “Daisy” is another track which one it’s in your head it won’t leave. Once you hear that whistling in the chorus the song has a hold of you.

When I’m listening to this EP all I’m thinking is “damnnnn this dude has some serious feels and skills“. The EP also has this vibe to it that it would go perfectly as the soundtrack for some teenage drama movie about discovery, or belonging or something along those lines. A movie like Juno or The Fault In Our Stars I could totally see some of these tracks making a feature on.

I suppose something that we should all take away from the story of Mike Waters is that you should always follow your passion. If you’ve been working in an office job for ten years whilst secretly writing and producing tracks in your bedroom then maybe you should let someone hear them. What do you have to lose? And if you’re digging the vibes Mike Waters is laying down then you can catch him on tour with his “Life EP Tour” which will be hitting up the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Mike Waters

“Life” EP Tour

Tickets from mikewatersmusic.com

Thursday 11th June | The Wheatsheaf, Adealide

Friday 12th June | OAF Gallery Bar, Sydney

Friday 19th June | Shebeen, Melbourne


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