I’ve been waiting for the release of this song for almost two months now ever since I saw Eves The Behavior perform it at the Dew Process Label Party in Sydney. On the night soft spoken she announced the name of the track before the warm buzzing synths filled up the Oxford Art Factory. The songs name was “Electrical” and now it’s finally here.

Electrical was played second last in the set list that night but really it perfectly summed up her entire set… electrical. A shadowy buzzing synth fade in and fade out through the verses that builds with a military-esq sounding drum roll. Much like previous single “TV” the chorus comes crashing down on you like a wave. The track takes on a sense of grandeur, feeling more like a grand cinematic masterpiece being played out on the screen rather than just a song.

The vocals on the chorus “I’m nothing more than skin and bone // with wires that make me tremble // so Electrical” echo throughout the track. Her vocals are precise and melodic dancing around the military drums, rising with the chorus before fading softy. Seriously Eves The Behavior’s voice would sound equally intense with a hint of delicate with just a piano backing her, her voice is simply stunning. Commenting on the track Eves The Behavior said “I feel like it’s commenting on the friction between the organic / analogue and the synthetic / digital and the quest to find a meaningful connection between the two. The song is triumphant and it’s also bittersweet“.

I have no words that can describe the amount of love I have for this track. There is simply none. With only a few months left between today and her appearance at Splendour In The Grass I will be counting down the sleeps till I get to hear this amazing song live again.




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