Rock music. It’s not typically a genre of music that I listen to much and as such I suppose I don’t have much authority talking about it, but when I started listening to the debut LP “Ones And Zeros” by London based group Young Guns I kind of really dug it. You’re going to have to forgive me with this for sounding like I have no idea what I’m talking about, because I probably don’t but this album has a real personality to it. It’s got this very dirty rock feel to it but it doesn’t make me feel put off by it at all. In fact I feel quite drawn to the album.

The album starts out with this spiralling electronic working before the big drums and thick bass lines come sliding in with “Rising Up“. From there on in the group have crafted for themselves a cohesive vibe for their album. It’s rock but it doesn’t discriminate against those of us that are perhaps not so much into the genre.

Tracks  “I Want Out” and “Daylight” both have these big stadium vibes to them. There anthemic in their build and are tracks designed to be played to huge crowds across festival and stadium crowds. “Daylight” which is also one of the bands singles lifted from the album marriages a frantic strings segments with the grind of guitar and crashing drums.

I suppose every album even if it’s rock needs to have a more downtempo vibing track to it, and with this one it’s the track “Die on Time“. A soft shuffle in the drums and echo of the vocals vibe throughout the track separating out the albums middle section. Despite it being a change up from the big, loud tracks that precede it, it doesn’t seem out of place on the album. In fact it always feels like its an integral piece to the album, drawing it all together to make sense. It’s nice to have this slower moment on the album.

Ones and Zeros” kind of has this early Imagine Dragons meets Enter Shikari, and to get that Enter Shikari reference I am drawing way back into my high school years. It’s an album where you don’t have to be a hardcore rock enthusiast to enjoy it, there’s a tone to the album that allows anyone to lose themselves within the riffs of the tracks. The album is coming out June 5th via Virgin EMI and is available to preorder here.


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