From what I can gather from Yuuca’s press shot the group of five is made up of various artist from the Brisbane music scene. There’s at least three faces that I can recognise in the blend from other projects and it got me excited for the track. These guys alone are good so I could only image that together Yuuca was going to be great.

Their first track fresh from its release is a self-described “dream pop” track that goes by the title of “Breathe“(and for some reason it’s suggested related tracks is a Zayn Malik demo). Well sorry to disappoint but the track has no similarities to that former 1D members demo track. Unlike that demo “Breathe” is actually a rather good track.

The tracks some type of tropical indie dream pop infusion with a lush production that floats as if on a cloud. Haunting guitar riffs coupled with some dreamy female vocals work with each other creating a smooth and mellow production that exemplifies the kind of dreamy indie pop coming from the Sunshine State lately.

Breathe” is only the first taste of what I’m assuming is something bigger to come in the future. With the number of talented artist that are in the group I can only assume that these guys will continue to give us more great ambient dreamy pop music in the future.


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