Last year Brisbane group Fox & Fowl impressed me with their indie-pop upbeat tropical sounding debut EP. Their sound was fun, upbeat and like an explosion into Technicolor for my ears. A year on and after performing to crowds around Australia the boys were hand-picked by Stephen Schram (San Cisco, Paul Kelly) to head down to Melbourne and record a batch of new songs that would push the band in a brand new direction. The recent release of the first track from these sessions “Eliza” wowed me again. With a new fresh sound for the group I just had to talk to the boys about what they’ve been doing ( and to ask how they’d survive a zombie apocalypse).

Alex: First things first and I guess a question that came first to mind, who is Eliza Jones?

Fox & Fowl: Eliza Jones is a pseudonym. We used her to encapsulate the secret, sexual rendezvous that people experience throughout their lives. On again off again, intense but short lived, Eliza is the passing relationship that infatuates us momentarily but isn’t designed to last.

A: When compared to tracks from the first EP “Eliza” to me sounds a little different. Where as for me the first EP had a tropical summery vibe to it this one has a different sound and more wintery vibe to it. Did you set out with the intentions of making a different sound?

F&F: It is different and you’ll be seeing more of that. Our first EP was Indie Pop which really suited our lifestyle and state of mind at the time. When looking back at some of the tracks we’ll all agree that they capture great memories, but now we’re looking to move forward and diversify with new styles, sounds and instruments. Eliza is the beginning of a genre shift for us. Working with Steve exposed us to a new mentality of song writing which we’ve incorporated into our process and it’s made for a new and enjoyable creative experience.

A: Can you talk me through what exactly is the singles cover art? It’s cool, I like it.

F&F: This was created by the very talented Mitchell Gardoll and is the contours of the area we live in, in Brisbane. There may be some hidden elements to the cover work too, but if we tell you….

A: Is there going to be a video for the track? And will it be another cool stop motion clip like your others?

F&F: There is! It’s in production as we speak. We’re working with Brisbane producer/director Jennifer Embelton and are really excited about her vision. This time we’re stepping away from stop motion and taking inspiration from some of our favourite music clips from both past and present.

A: Can we be expecting another EP to drop soon or is that still a way off idea?

F&F: At this stage we’re focussed on writing and developing a new sound which will eventually lead to a new E.P. Our immediate plan is to write, rehearse and write some more and once we’re happy head into the studio again to record. We’ll still tour and play support slots in the interim but the focuss right now is writing.

A: With the first EP you guys had gone separate ways and travelled the world before writing, does your travels still inspire your writing?

F&F: Working full time jobs has put a bit of a hand-break on the travelling for most of us so I’d say that our writing is more of an intrinsic reflection of where we are these days rather than the past.

A: Do you guys still all live together? Or has being on the road together and living together all the time become a bit too much to handle now?

F&F: Mitch has migrated to Sydney for work but spends alternate weekends with us in Brisbane as needed. The rest of us still live together in Brisbane and are loving it (how could you not)! We’ve actually just converted our back deck into a turfed ping pong arena so it’s safe to say things are going well! We’re as thick a thieves and after all the things we’ve done and experienced together always will be.

A: The self titled EP got some great response as did the tour, I didn’t get to go last time I was stuck in Newcaslte. Is there any plans to hit the road again soon?

F&F: There most certainly are! We have the Eliza single tour coming up in June which will be visiting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and a string of shows in between. We have a pretty new live set now so we want to get in as many shows as we can to perfect the new arrangement.

A: What’s one venue that is like the pinnacle goal for you guys to play at?

F&F: In Aus it’s too hard to say. Each city has its own unique venue that is, in its own way, the best but a personal favourite of mine is the Triffid in Brissy. Heading OS we’d want to play festivals such as Glastonbury or OutsideLands in San Fran. That said laying down some beats in Bruni would be a unique experience too.

A: Lastly which member of the band do you think would be most likely to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse? And in a Zombie Apocalypse where would you run too?

F&F: Collectively I think we’d own an Zombie apocalypse. We’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses but individually I think Mitch would take this out. His a big Walking Dead fan and has the patience and ingenuity to start from scratch. I think I’d just get bitten and join the fun.


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