Confession time, I’ve lived in the Maitland are for twenty years of my fine young life and I had never been to Groovin’ The Moo. GTM may be the only actually good festival that our area of NSW gets anymore because lets face it who wants to travel nearly three hours from Sydney for a festival? Well as it turns out everyone one does. This year with a line up that was just too good to not go for the festival sold out well ahead of the date. So this year I ventured out into the paddock and now I really regret not going sooner.

My day started under the shade of the Moolin Rogue Tent getting my dance on to the best dressed DJ in Maitland Just A Gent. Bringing the pumped up beats to the stage he was the best choice to start my festival day. Another local(ish) artist I checked out after was EastShe’s a really cool vibing artist who I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t listen to before that day. Armed with a cover of Childish Gambino’s track “Sober” by the time she left the stage I had already began downloading her Old Age EP.

Girls were owning the crowd on Saturday. First came Powerpuff Girl Meets Bad Bitch Tkay Maidza who’s flow and energy on the V Stage was undeniable. Seriously though does this girl ever slow down? No I don’t think she does. Next after an impressive and engaging set from UK band Peace came Australia’s most soulful and breath-taking artist Meg Mac. I’ve been dying to see her ever since I was too sick to attend her EP tour last year. If you listen to Meg live against her studio recordings there are next to no differences. Her vocals are so clear and powerful it bought a tear to my eye.

By this time of the day and having just came out of back to back concerts in Sydney the two nights previous I was pretty damn tired. So I sat. Big mistake. During Sticky Fingers set where I actually knew none of the songs I had more ass in my face then I really ever wanted to have. Turns out I’m that awkward height sitting down at the back of the packed paddock.

More female awesomeness followed ( I think the majority of the acts I saw had female leads, cause lets face it female artist rule). The Preatures drew an impressive crowd to the Triple J stage with their indie rock sound and impressive on stage cartwheels from lead Lizzy.

The Aussie acts not he line up this year were unbelievable. Indie Rock/Pop groups on the level of some demigods “San Cisco” and “Ball Park Music” were both ranked high on my must see list of the day. The danceability of these two acts are on another level. Both gods of the indie music world in their own rights these two drew in the crowds and had everyone on their feet moving around (even if my feet were bleeding slightly).

It was cold, I was a little sore but I was determined to party on. The lights went down on the Triple J stage and a purple light oozed over the crowd whilst the opening thundering heartbeat echoed as the coming of Charli XCX. Having been to two of the three side shows for Charli I has a pretty good idea of what was coming, but that didn’t bother me. Bounding onto the stage with a fierce energy middle fingers raised Charli bought the energy to her set. Giant blow up guitars, sky high heels, and a reckless abandonment and no fucks given attitude she gave Maitland the time of their lives.

My night ended dancing with the crowds under the Moolin Rogue tent with both Broods and Flight Facilities. Broods rnb and synth pop sounds were exactly what I wanted from them. Georgia’s voice rises through the chorus of Mother & Father becoming this powerhouse that thunders through the tent whilst Caleb plays along masterfully all whilst what can only be described as grinding his keys. Flight Facilities closed out the festival for me. These guys have been the name on everyone’s lips when it came to this festival and honestly I had never actually heard any of their tracks before. When Owl Eyes took the stage to join the boys the intensity of her performance with them was epic. All in all it was a great ending to a great festival, and a festival that I’m already counting down to the 2016 leg.


My Highlights

The Music: My favourite act of the day hands down has to be Meg Mac. That pint sized artist sure can pack a hit with those vocals of hers. She has one EP to her name and still drew out a massive crowd which all moved in unison swaying to her soulful vibes that filled the paddock.

The Fashion: Onstage best dressed would be Tkay Maidza and ELK. Tkay dressed like a pink Powerpuff Girl X Spice Girls throwback in her sky-high platforms and ELK rocking what is currently my must find/must own black and white printed button up those two were dressed damn fine. In the crowd however there was one girl dressed in a pair of gold sequined overalls with a diamond encrusted fanny pack. I tip my hat to you my good lady. You win!

The Food: Four words. One potato. A whole lot of deep-fried goodness. Chip On A Stick was on the festival grounds and it was like a shining beacon of light and deliciousness. It basically is just a potato that has been peeled and spiralled around a stick then deep-fried. It’s brilliant, and delicious and just what I need mid-day to keep my energy going.


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