Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, darling I was blown away, by Montgomery (If you didn’t read this in my convoluted rhyming pattern then I am sorry). I had been looking forward to this concert for a while now. Taking the train from Newcastle to Sydney (a casual three hour trip) all the way I was buzzing in my seat counting the minutes till this show. Brissy elusive artist Montgomery has shot her way into our hearts last year with the release of her New Clear War EP and ever since that first buzz of Piñata I’ve been waiting to see her live.

GoodGod Small Club in Sydney was Montgomery’s first date on her first tour performing to the public for the first time, that’s a lot of first in one night. Joining her for the Sydney show was local producer/artist Jordan F whom warmed up the venue with his 80’s infused beats that if It wasn’t for the judgemental looks from some around me I would have been dancing to. Taking to the stage in a snazzy ensemble Jordan F gave us some danceable beats with a soaring range of synths. As opening acts go he was pretty good.

As the opening delicate rising synths sounded through the venue the petite Montgomery took to the stage and we got our first look at the face behind the voice. Raven haired and wearing what appeared to be an boxers pre-bout cloak she took to the stage alongside her bow tied keys player Ben and the audience was captivated.

There were parts of the set where the nerves crept through but that’s understandable when it’s your first ever live show. Playing through the entirety of her New Clear War EP as well as some newbies (Hold, remember that name its a great song) Montgomery’s voice was on a whole other level. She bopped along to Jailbreak with his punchy beats and deep bass her hands twisting in the air between her triggering samples throughout the tracks.

Half way through the set you could see a visible change in her. With each track that passed her confidence grew and she began to experiment a bit more with movement and her voice grew stronger. By the time Not Around came on Montgomery had the complete attention of every person in the venue. Her voice rising from the angelic and soft choruses to a stronger chorus.

A piano rework of Piñata which was followed by the full production has the entire crowd singing along as one voice along with her. Fumbling with her phone to try to capture the moment from on stage you could see a smile cross her face as the crowd repeated the lyrics back to her.

I walked out of Goodgod knowing that I had just witnessed what could be one of the most brilliant and talented artist Australia has to offer. There’s a reason Montgomery has been one of the most talked about artist of the past year and that reason is pure talent. Know I’ve seen her once I cannot wait to hear more, the new tracks she played were so strong and really felt like a continuation of New Clear War. Before she left the stage she promised she’d be back, I’m already eagerly awaiting the new announcement.

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