The last time I saw Charli XCX it was 2012 in Canberra in a auditorium where only me and my two friends seemed to know who she actually was. It was an high energy set where she didn’t stop moving from start to finish. A lot has changed since then, practically everyone knows Charli’s name now and every artist is tripping over to have her write them a hit track. What hasn’t changed is the insane energy that she brings to the stage with her live shows, it’s a fist pumping, hip shaking, head banging fun start to end.

Going Miss Aitchison on the Friday night at the Corner was my favourite little pocket rocket Tkay Maidza. I don’t think I’ve ever actually danced more at a gig than I did during Tkay’s set. Pressed against the barrier I was slut dropping, voguing, throwing my hands up in the air like I just did not care. Pumping her set with the fattest beats and sickest flows you’ll ever see and backed up DJ ELK who was matching Tkay’s energy throughout the set. “M.O.B“, “Finish Them” and “U-Ha” had the entire room going off their faces but what else would you expect from one of it not THE best Femcee in Australia.

By the time Tkay’s set was over I was pretty damn tired and felt some bruises coming on from attacking that front barrier, but when that opening heart beat thumping sounded through the venue my sore feet and bruised mid-section was forgotten as the whole places screamed “Fuck Youuuuu!!!! SUCKER!!!!!!!!!” as Charli took the stage.

A high-octane set ensured with not many breaks for Charli to catch her breath. The setlist features mostly tracks from her newest album “Sucker” but Charli did find some spaces in the setlist to sneak in a few tracks from “True Romance” that never got any proper Australian touring. A giant blow up guitar joined her onstage for a rendition of “Breaking Up“. The tracks “London Queen” and “Famous” had the crowd up and fist pumping for their lives screaming along “Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!” .

Of the older tracks that featured that got some new life with the expanded live band “You (Ha Ha Ha)” had us all screaming along and throwing up some middle fingers whilst “Grins” had us bouncing and “Super Love” gave us a euphoric high. It was great to see some of Charli’s older music getting a second life with the new show, they really deserved their own tour but unfortunately we were not lucky enough.

Other performances of note from the night was “Break The Rules” and “Boom Clap” both crowd favourites and bringing about a chorus of sing-a-long from the crowd. In her sky high heels Charli manoeuvred the stage getting up in the crowds faces and giving us a dance show.

It was such a great experience to see Charli XCX live again, three years had passed but the insane stage energy and killer vocals remained. Hopefully we won’t have to wait another three years till she comes back next time, if we do I may just need to considered a trip to the UK to see her there.

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