The UK duo of Alice Fox and Jack St. James aka Avec Sans have always held a special space on my iPod’s playlist. Their distinct brand of electro-pop resonates with me because it’s not just a cold calculated production of electro, it’s electro-pop with a soul and beating heart. The duo’s latest track “Resonate” follows on with this distinct branding showing that pop doesn’t have to be heartless, it can be delicate and beautiful.

Unlike previous Avec Sans tracks “Resonate” is more of a down tempo love affair with a grinding baseline, breathy atmospheric synths and bright shimmering vocals. The track works with intricate melodies, the rise and fall of the verses and chorus with the breathy vocals of Alice Fox all working in harmony together, there seems to be a light that emanates from the track. There’s even a little tinkling in the background of the chorus that sounds like a delicate music box playing that weaves its way around the soaring structure of the chorus.

Want to know something else that’s great about Avec Sans (other than their obvious undeniable talent) they have their tracks are available as free downloads from their sound cloud account. So you can bask in the resonating beauty of their tracks for free and take them everywhere on your phone (but make sure you tell everyone about them too, don’t want to be selfish). Check out the intricate melodies and shimmering vocals of “Resonate” below and on iTunes.


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