Who’s the most dapper young gentlemen in all of Maitland if not all of NSW? Well that would have to be Just A Gent of course. From remixing some of the biggest tracks to being featured by none other than EDM god Skrillex this fine young man with his coat and top hat is one of the best dressed dudes dropping beats at the moment (he’s also a Major fan of Porter Robinson so points for that). Oh and he’s just turned 18! and to celebrate we’re all invited to his four week long Birthday Party!!!! Taking some time away from planning his birthday celebrations and surviving the recent NSW Floods this young gent took some time to answer some question for us.

Alex: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!!!! How’d you celebrate turning 18?

J.A.G: Thank you! Believe or not the tour is my celebration, no time for a house party 😉

A: You’re from Maito like me, have you done your first visit to Argyle and King Street yet whilst being legal?

J.A.G: Woohoo! Not yet as a legal unfortunately! But of course I have visited them both before and looking forward to be able to go out and see some awesome acts there!

A: Celebrating turning 18 by going on tour sounds fun. Is it just going to be like a big birthday party every night at the shows?

J.A.G: That’s exactly what it’s going to be like, just imagine it as a party that just goes for 4 weeks.

A. I Saw you at Hard Grimes Festival in Maitland earlier this month. Is playing in a decommissioned gaol one of the stranger venues you’ve played?

J.A.G: I think it definitely tops the list of strange venues I have played at, its such a perfect place for an EDM festival though!

A: You’re quite a suave dresser with your vest and top hats, where did the suited up persona come from? Is that just what you like?

J.A.G: Thank you sir, I guess so, I have been wearing suits to backyard parties and such since I started high school so I’m guessing that has just stuck 😉

A: Will we find you sitting around at home in a top hat, suit and tie?

J.A.G: Guess what I’m doing right now?…

A: Are you a tie or bow tie kinda of guy?

J.A.G: I’m 100% a bow tie kinda guy, I love to wear a tie now and again but bows are just so much more classy.

A: How did you find out your track had been selected by Skrillex? Did it just come out of the blue?

J.A.G: Yeah, I was actually on a plane and when we landed I had hundreds of messages and emails going crazy telling me about what just happened, I was so excited.

A: Up till now you wouldn’t have been able to play your venues without being accompanied by an adult. Did you parents have to come with you to your gigs till now?

J.A.G: They sure did, but they loved it. They got to travel the country and get a bunch of free drinks. A parents dream.

A: You’ll be hitting up GTM Maitland this year too. Are you excited to hit up the paddock?

J.A.G: I’m super duper excited, I have a very short set so I’m going to have to impress fast, but this is my first hometown gig as I currently live in Maitland so it’s going to be interesting.

A: In the studio do you have a fave piece of equipment?

J.A.G: I don’t really use any hardware (other than my midi controller etc) but I recently bought a Das Keyboard (typing keyboard) and it does wonders for me inside my DAW and its a joy to use, so I guess that is my current favorite piece.

A: Well man thanks for taking the time with these, can’t wait to see you at GTM and hopefully your appearance at King Street. Happy B’day mate.

J.A.G: Thanks dude, see you then!


If you want to catch Just A Gent live check out the dates for his upcoming Birthday Tour and join the celebration.

Just A Gent

Just Turned 18 Tour

Friday May 1st | Villa, Perth

Saturday May 9th | Groovin’ The Moo, Maitland | SOLD OUT

Friday 15th May | Fusion, Cronulla

Saturday 16th May | World Bar, Sydney

Sunday 17th May | King Street, Newcastle

Friday 22nd May | TBC Club, Brisbane

Saturday 23rd May | The Helm, Mooloolaba

Wednesday 17th May | Beach Road, Bondi

Saturday 30th May | The Foundry, Christchurch


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