Nashville’s rising star of the nü pop era “CAPPA” is showing off a darker side to her sound after the soaring track “Hush” now with her new one “Killin’ It“. Whilst “Hush” gave us a smooth and lush synthscape “Killin‘ It” is giving us some dark-pop with heavy rnb drum flourishes that’s sinfully good.

Deep bass plucks, high hat flourishes coupled with the deep heavy beats make up the appeal of this track. CAPPA’s vocals glide over the instrumentals thumping bass line and synth. The track comes as the last before the release of CAPPA’s debut EP due out in the coming months. Whilst previous tracks appear clean and crystalline “Killin’ It” is a gritty much more street sounding track from the Nashville local with a much more “left of centre” vibe.

Killin’ It” is available now to listen to and buy as well as CAPPA’s other tracks, check it out below.

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